Extraordinary Connections With Cheryl Ann

April 29, 2012


Extraordinary Connections with Cheryl Ann




Love Chamber is now on ITunes!

April 28, 2019

Lyrics: Cheryl Ann Fletcher/ExtraordinaryLyrics Instagram

Collaboration, and mix, masted with:  Tonadoh Jurry, and brother, U Gee O Jurry. Rising superstars from, Warri, Nigeria. Please find them on Instagram-itzofficalhk


Go watch the video here on YouTube: Love Chamber is now on ITunes!

You can purchase it on itunes!



Flower Love Chamber



March 7, 2019

I am honored to write Lyric’s for both Tonadoh Jurry, and U Gee O Jurry

African Artist

And, I am excited to say that Love Chamber a song I wrote the Lyric’s for will drop in a few weeks. However, you can view the teaser on my Facebook Page. Cheryl Ann Fletcher

LOVE these men!

Please find them on Instagram under HKRecords

Please find me on Instagram under:  extraordinarylyrics




July 31, 2018


February 28, 2018


Peace as the night moves in

And, before the morning begins

Blessings in abundance for you

Before the night is through

And, in the morning dew

Warmth of the night sleeps

Mornings the sun kisses you cheeks

I find serenity in the nights, mornings too

To wake loving you

Cheryl Ann



Matt Farnsworth Vikings Facebook

February 26, 2018

It’s just the simple things I do.  When, I see it I call it out.  When, I looked into the heart of this man who is so dignified I couldn’t help do a write that  clearly defines his makeup.  And, I am honored to know Matt.


Here is his bio: Matthew Neil Farnsworth is a well known American filmmaker, painter, video artist, and performance artist. Farnsworth has directed 3 films to date. He is best known for his new horror franchise creation “The Orphan Killer”. His first feature film IOWA was an instant cult classic. “Iowa” was an official selection at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2005. The film also earned him a best picture award at The Midwest independent film festival. The film made major headlines at the Tribeca film festival gaining Farnsworth a solid fan base as a Director and Actor in the multi-million dollar indie film world. The film went on to be released in theaters and is now worldwide. He also produced and Directed the first installment of Dying For Meth. A documentary style film that takes an in depth look into the methamphetamine pandemic that has swept over the Midwestern United States. The 43 minute film has been awarded alongside major networks such as CBS and NBC at the Beverly Hills Based Prism Awards. In 2008 Farnsworth was deputized along with Shaquille O’Neal by the Police Athletics league for his work in Meth prevention and awareness. Farnsworth has an unorthodox approach to filmmaking bringing about an organic feeling to his work unrivaled by many his age. The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, NY Post, and other major publications often compare his work to that of David Lynch, Martin Scorsese, and Quentin Tarantino. As an actor Farnsworth has been in indie films and on National TV shows. Farnsworth is the writer, director, and producer of the number one horror icon on Facebook and popular motion picture “The Orphan Killer” A genre film and character that has become the new horror icon of the 21st century.



Matts poetry with my signature


Paranormal Conference August 18, 2018

November 28, 2017


Tickets can be purchased on this link

Ticket site:  uniquepsychiccherylann.com


POSTER Lincoln Midwest Paranormal Conference 2018


September 30, 2017

Sun Moon Stars





I knew you before our worlds collided

I saw you coming and passion was ignited

The sparks flew high into the magical sky

And, a new star was born right before our eyes


And, now as the unity of love burns bright

Our whole world is lit up at night

There’s is talk in the Universe, about a love created and not rehearsed

The magic wrapped up in this love story

Was collected by the Moon, Sun, and the Stars working together with all their glory

And, now they are smiling down from the Heavenly skies

About a love born right on time.

Cheryl Ann Elliott-Fletcher-Extraordinary Connections with Cheryl Ann.
August 30, 2018



December 4, 2016



Follow Me

I took a step and made a print
I pointed down and gave you a hint
Lifted my other foot to make another
Like every-other …

Engrams imprinted in time..
Just follow me

Cheryl Ann Elliott-Fletcher
December 3,2017


Lack Of Trust

November 12, 2016

I once lived in a land

Some didn’t understand

But then you took a chance

And, now we are free to dance

We’ve been set free from the shackles of despair

Ran by people that didn’t care

We all felt succumbed to a world of clowns

Until you walked in and turned it upside down

Now no one knows how to react

Now things are going to get real as a matter of fact

There have been many that have taken it all for granted

Stomping there feet and throwing fits

Acting like immature little twits

But…I knew all along you’d be there one day

And, most would be swayed

But GOD put you where he intends you to be

In a world of confused dying to be free

But no matter what some may do to try and stop you

God got tired and sent you …it’s true

Only by the grace of GOD you will remain

Governing many that are going insane

But, the sad part of HIS will


It was HIS decision and HIS will

Enough, said


Good Night

September 20, 2016


I bleed you bleed

To fulfill the hunger and the need
Feeling your warmth running throughout my veins
Still …the hunger remains

I come to you by day or night
Your darkness is such a delight
Your submission is warm and true
Feeding off each other until we’re blue

I could never stray from the endless supply
With you I know I’ll never die
Your cravings for me I never question why
We’re from the same breed
And, we understand our souls will never be freed
Yet we still bleed.
So we’ll never see the light
Forever walking at night
Its a world only some will understand
Not a world for the mortal man.
Cheryl Ann Fletcher
September 20, 2016.