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Sunshine And Dreams

May 29, 2012

As I lay there barely awake

I see the sun creeping in slowly across my face

I pause for a moment –

Do I deserve this place?


Finding myself alone without you

Waiting for the moment when your lips meet mine

Grace me again with your warmth

Move gently, and don’t go away this time

Make all this last, forever and a day

Bring me a ray of hope!


♥   ♥   ♥



May 29, 2012

Low as a bug

Hiding under the rug

If you could pull me out

It would only take a tug

To feel this small in a world so tall

Ever think?,  we’d be so infinitesimal..

The speck that we are

Did you think we could crawl this far?

I think I will stay under-here

Where everything is safe in this tiny place

I don’t dare come out, I’d rather stay

The thought of a can of Raid

Makes me afraid!!!!


A Prayer For You

May 29, 2012

If there’s ever a time

When you’re not on my mind

I will pray a prayer for you

As you walk your path of life

May God be with you always

When you’re feeling lonely and astray

Think of me, I’ll be back in your life one day

When you reach for greater things

Have FAITH and He will pull the right strings

When you feel like you can’t go on

Hang in there, for you are strong!

♥   ♥   ♥

If you have doubt in yourself

Believe me! Always reach for your dreams

No empty oceans and solid streams

Think of the times when you were young

Things you could of done

Now that you’ve grown

Isn’t it time to re-capture and do these things on your own?

I believe in you, no matter what you do

Seek and you will find the dreams in your mind

As you live through your life, day after day

Take a moment and pray

He hears and sees your struggles, and feels your pain

In loving yourself there’s a lot to gain

Open your heart and your mind

He’s there time after time

He’s never left you, just waiting in the wings

To give you unconditonal love from our majesty

Our King




May 29, 2012

You’re  in my blood

Running through my veins

You’re an addiction that still remains

I gotta have you, you’re my fix

It’s a love drug, we’re caught up in the mix

When you flow throughout my body

It’s plain to see

What your love drug does to me

It makes me crazy and wild, running  through my core

It’s a feeling of love I simply adore!


I Know You Didn’t Notice

May 20, 2012

I am not surprised you see

You didn’t notice the emotional pain in me

Everyone pulls at you, when I need you most

Your the man giving what you can

She’s the woman you don’t understand

Promise’s that aren’t meant to be made

Just takes a few manipulated words to make you sway

She’s always lurking in the unbalanced scheme

Waiting to crush or foil our dreams


The connections you share gives my heart a tear

Every time she appears in the sanctuary that we share

In that moment, know one seems to care

So, I wait for you to see

 in the shadow, by the tree

How long it will take to shake, what’s attached to you

that’s keep our love warm and true



Magical Smile

May 10, 2012

Carved in my mind

it was a moment in time

The glance, my stance

Guarded, oh yes! Wanted to dance

Spinning emotions, traveling out of control

Oops! There went my soul!

Connections were found

My feet haven’t hit the ground

“Up! Up!  and away!”

I thought I heard him say!

He smiled and walked away

He leads my heart astray

He did it with just that smile

Although, it took a while

his magical smile

was his style

Awe.. knowing what he’d done

He turned and said, “I love you hon!”

No, this is no ending

His style isn’t pretending

There’s much more to this story

He’s taking inventory

Oh! He’s making a list of what he can do

That magical smile

will dance on my heart for a long while…


I am who, I am….

May 7, 2012

I am who, I am.

It was a new day, a new song,

I heard you sing it, loud and strong.

When I opened my eyes the first time,

I saw your light, your glory shine.

I didn’t realize just how important your gift is to me.

One breath of life, you did it so easily.

I reached for you much later in life.

Didn’t know you would be during trials and strife.

You have held my hand through it all.

Not once did you let me tumble nor fall.

You have rescued me for many years,

Throughout,  all the pain and all the tears.

I was so happy when you blessed me, indeed

I went to the book and understood the mustard seed.

I know I don’t know how to plow, and I am no farmer.

I accepted your grace and wear it as my coat of armor.

You are divine to me and others I reach.

Every day I teach the power of your word and the love that we seek…

I turn the page every day, and I always find you there.

Searching for you, because I know you care…

The book of life has all the instructions we need.

Still there are many, without the mustard seed…

I am not done sowing for you.

Cheryl Ann Fletcher (DBA):

June 13, 2011