The Great Actor (from beyond)

May 6, 2012

I couldn’t get away

No matter what I did, just couldn’t stay

It’s unimaginable, and this I know

I know it’s hard for you to just let go

I had thought of this exit for many years

Believe me, I knew it would bring deep sorrow and tears

These morbid feelings and dark nights

I knew my wings would take flight

I saw no other way to ease this confusion

Living with seclusion in my mind of  illusion

I took a step back and realized truth

This all began in my youth.

Surprised, yes indeed!

I heard the call then, and refused to heed

Played the part, and what was expected from me

I faked every scene, still they didn’t see

When the final act was at hand, and the curtain came down

My exit wasn’t fake, no acting in this

My calling, my freedom of His final kiss.



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