A Prayer For You

May 29, 2012

If there’s ever a time

When you’re not on my mind

I will pray a prayer for you

As you walk your path of life

May God be with you always

When you’re feeling lonely and astray

Think of me, I’ll be back in your life one day

When you reach for greater things

Have FAITH and He will pull the right strings

When you feel like you can’t go on

Hang in there, for you are strong!

♥   ♥   ♥

If you have doubt in yourself

Believe me! Always reach for your dreams

No empty oceans and solid streams

Think of the times when you were young

Things you could of done

Now that you’ve grown

Isn’t it time to re-capture and do these things on your own?

I believe in you, no matter what you do

Seek and you will find the dreams in your mind

As you live through your life, day after day

Take a moment and pray

He hears and sees your struggles, and feels your pain

In loving yourself there’s a lot to gain

Open your heart and your mind

He’s there time after time

He’s never left you, just waiting in the wings

To give you unconditonal love from our majesty

Our King



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