August 8, 2012

Growth, uses all examples it can muster…it takes a lot of prisoners, holds us in a time frame, where evaluations are a gift. When you unwrap, look at, an analyze all those moments…
In this time, everything you’ve done, will provide avenues of a new direction. In these roads, yet untraveled…will be guided by, instinct of survival. Driven by choice, not an expectation. So, when you look down that road, let it consume you, pull you, into change, because in this journey…you’ll find new beginnings, new idea’s and you will flourish. This is your path, leave the first foot prints. Be a leader in what everyone desires, because you aren’t afraid of  what feels right to you…so get walking, and enjoy what waits just for you. Just remember…all shackles, have keys and are hanging, right where you left them. The only thing left is to find the key, and unlock what you were given a long time ago…




  1. Dedication…to everyone. Hold all this close at heart! Always, remember it, because life has many roads, so pick the right one!

  2. You are quite the inspiring one, Cheryl A33nn. Well said! 🙂

    One bright morning in the middle of the night,
    there came two horses, one black and one white.
    The black horse was ridden by a pure white knight.
    The white horse, of course, held the darkest of knights.


    When the opposites came together,
    their world was torn asunder.
    There was no more talk of the weather,
    All was lightening, ever thunder!


    The white knight had a question
    for the knight dressed all in black.
    The dark knight had a suggestion,
    for she never turned her back.

    “Where lies the gates of Heaven?
    Do you know? Have you seen?
    I’ve been back and forth times seven,
    never landing in between.

    And I have The Key.”

    The dark knight laughed and loudly yelled,
    “Hallelujah! Where you been?
    The gates up High, I have beheld!
    But they are locked! Tied up by Sin.

    And I never had The Key.”

    “Heaven forbid!” the white knight said.
    “The devil’s escaped his worldly dues!
    In haste, let’s go! I will be led
    by you, Mi’Lady Black. Now choose!

    Show me the way to go home.”


    To be continued…

    • Very good! 😉

      • And, yet still today she rides like the wind. She dropped off the sin, and, then she grinned. She gave a wink and a smile… spun on her heals and walked for miles. While traveling down that somewhere road she stopped and picked up a toad. He was breathing hard, but he told her a tail. He said, my lady …you will travel many paths, and bleed from the wrath of those that gave you no time, so you could shine. Nor did they believe in you or what GOD needs you to do, so walk alone no need to cry…he’ll not have the chance now, to understand your life and why…

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