The Sting Of Love

August 23, 2013

Written words…. don’t pierce me, you said.

Words not spoken, now I am dead.

Heart is wounded, spirit holds no shine

I have lost faith in love something I haven’t felt for a long time

You’re unfaithful to the One, you claim

No worries, nothing left to gain

You spin a great facade

For this, I must applaud!

Surprised? No!  Not really at all!

Love was genuine and true

Oh! But, you knew, just what to do..

Tear my heart out like you think, I did to you!

Love doesn’t go without pain,

When, your assumptions made the first stain

Soon you will learn,

my love had to be taught and was truly earned

In every love there’s trails, not denials…

Good byes  are not good at all,

Especially, when you’ve hurt the only one that stood tall.

There won’t be any looking back,

For the memories will forever remain for the love you’ve lost

Because, in your perception I was the tainted one…..


And, now her heart can’t find the pieces shattered on the floor

for the love that should of lasted her whole life, for the one she adored.



  1. The impeccable rhythm drove it through to the end. It’s like wit and sorrow in a tango. No mean feat! This poem was finely crafted.

    “Love doesn’t go without pain” — so simple yet somehow I found it so clever.

    The ending, just aptly incomplete, leaves one hungry and lost.

    • Thank you! It’s a heart break, that I’ve just gone through. I doubt, he’s ever going to get my purpose of finding him, after 36 years. He’ll get it, someday on a somewhere road 😉

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