August 24, 2013

No matter how hard, I try to fly

I continually wipe a tear from my eye

Can you ever stop, and  look through my eyes

 JESUS CHRIST, come down from the sky!

Give  me hope,  my Heavenly Father

I constantly look up, for you to bless us

I have blended with him, in trust

Why?  Dear, Lord, you’ve grounded me, put me back, where I am,  suppose to just be

Grounded in love, flying beside thee’

By every written word,  in the book.  Why doesn’t he still know?

Why?  Can’t I fly, without letting go

He doesn’t see?   Nor allowing you, to do the rest

to lay down, your best

Someday, Jesus, when I sit with you

I will, ask. What didn’t I do?

I did, everything for you, with glory running through my soul,

still my heart bleeds, he’s thinks he’s got the control

Every part of me, intertwines with  him

Be still, I shall be. Please make these broken wings, fly free



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