My First My Last My Everything

August 27, 2013


Love skated into your heart, many years ago

It wasn’t the right timing, to let you know.

You’ve always questioned, who I am, and you still don’t understand.

I lifted the veil, to expose the truth, testing your love with living proof.

I am, biancadove, the white bird sent from, above. You didn’t really see into my heart

If you had, you’d seen the real message, this wouldn’t have torn us apart

I flew away, each time you didn’t believe

I couldn’t watch your heart, being deceived.

I came to teach you, real love, like Jesus, when he shed blood

His Angels, swooped onto HIM, and wiped his bloody skin. Wiped up, with the virgin white, linen.

Like the visions of droplets of blood,  onto the white snow

Didn’t you get it, you didn’t know? That was your fair warning… I had to go, then

The test was set before you, as HE worked, through me. To show you, real love, and what could of been.

We were made to sin, but the truth lies within

The words spoken. “It Is Finished”, wasn’t meant for, us to say…

when, our hearts shed blood together, that day

Its been a battle ground, to prove my love for you

Even though, I stood still, and saw you, throughout all the grief

You took a stance, and said, “I’ll give you five leaves/leafs

                       Simply, removing the veil, when all else failed. In what, he wanted you to see.

That no one is above error, in terror. We are all sinners, without doubt, harboring pain, and wanting it out.

I am, unforgettable. With a unique gift.

I am HIS daughter, you’re HIS son.

What have we done?

In Christ, I came to you, with a purpose, To love you like no other, lover. What the message you failed to see,

he lives inside of me.

Words unspoken, should never pierce the heart, Faith he taught us, from the start. That forgiveness, he expects from us, and above all else, HIS trust!  That this love HE set before you, is a love meant for us!

Cheryl A33nn



  1. It’s a very lovely expression of your love, Cheryl. You blog is intimate and personal…:-)

  2. Thank you, Niamh! Keith, is my pride and joy. I have never, love anyone like this. This is a love, this is worth living for, appreciating, and cherishing. No matter, what we’ve been through. Love endures all things, regardless of mistakes. I am all in, on this one. Never, in my life time, have I ever loved anyone like I do, with Keith. Its never, been anything, but genuine. I hope, he realizes this, and soon! ❤

  3. Bless your heart….SAY it! Thank you for the follow.

    Rich blessings on your journey. Diana

    • Thank you! Yes! I feel, I am. You are too! Thanks for coming here, and watching me pour out my heart, and love!
      Have a glorious day! ~j~
      Cheryl A33nn

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