She Waits

August 30, 2013

In waiting (2)

Far down as I could go

grounded again, does it show?

I am afraid to look up and see

My wings being cut from me

There comes a time in life

Where love cuts deeper from the dead of Knight

And, I am hanging on for dear life!

Splattering the blood every where

And, you didn’t care!

The take off’s and landings only left you with misunderstandings

You saw this coming too, because you knew I wouldn’t hide the truth

I could see right through the veil

And, then I lifted it, so YOU wouldn’t go to Hell…

Oh…you protected the wrong one love and you allowed me to bleed out

And,  I see the blood stained leaves

As I cleave to the ground, as our love drips all around me now

I felt the pain long before you

I held out, for only you

A dove… this I am

Stored in my heart,  a bloody painted engram

The color of red, wonder why?

Your lack of trust and you didn’t believe in me, so you said…

I was left bleeding profusely, and you left me there dead

You’re last words to me where to forgive myself?

FOR WHAT? Flying back into your life?

Planning to be your wife?

Taking care of your every need

Just so you could watch me BLEED?

Not protecting and not defending me

Or what you didn’t  care to SEE?

The TRUTH was right before you EYES

And not ONCE did you look to the SKIES

OR the BLUE in my eyes…

You finally found the real spirited person that was meant to be

In world created by THREE

GOD, you, and ME.

RIP my heart I say everyday

One day he’ll wake up to all the lies

To only find me at rest in the sky

My spirit will fly again someday

And…you’ll look up and find

I have gone away…

Right back to my Fathers house, and I will wait for you again

You’ll always be my best friend…

I love you, and I promised to always watch over you

You should of known that to be true, too.

Blood stained

Cheryl A33nn


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