I See N 2 U

September 3, 2013

I see more than you can
when I give it to you, you’ll understand
there isn’t any guesswork in what I do
what I tell you, it will ring true

Though I gaze into your eyes
how I react should be of no surprise
this is what you came for, did you not?
oh funny, how you forgot

I know you’re captivated by me
I see it in your eyes, that is clear to see
I will have to go deeper, where I will find you
So, don’t try to turn away
I saw you coming yesterday.

I knew you long before, long before you opened my door
You crossed ~t~ into my world as swift as your spirit
How you assumed.  I couldn’t get near it?
Plain to see, only for me. I looked into your heart, to the core …



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