~J~ Two Coats of Armor For Christ

September 3, 2013

Cheryl Christ's warrior


We cannot learn fear of God and the basic principles of godliness, unless we are pierced by the sword of the Spirit and destroyed. It is as if God were saying that to rank among his sons our ordinary natures must be wiped out.

The darkest of Knight,

Oh! He’s such a delight!

Shed your armor for me!

Take it all off! Your battle, you’ve won

Your sword, used! Ride off into the sun!

Mi’Lady, will return to her castle

For she has graduated, and warring her tassel

Her teacher, best friend, the love of her life

Leaves/leafs a trail, while dragging his knife

While on the path, he’ll meet her again, and again

He’s left her,  with no hope in store,

Left her pleading for more!

He’s taken her heart, and tucked it away

In a brutal fashion, he’ll regret one day

She’ll pray his heart, will remember their love, She’ll carry for him, throughout his days

And the love she gave freely, in so many ways

The love they shared, and always will

Her heart will wait forever, for a love he’ll someday, fulfill

Her Knight,  can do NO wrong

While she waits, singing their song…

She’s like the wind, through my dreams

She rides the night, next to me

Concurring the world full of destruction

I came here,  with your instructions

Together, our destiny was plain to see

Trying to hand you the scroll, and I was almost there!

***The moral to this story***

Christ, drove me to you. Started, in a message, only for two

The test of faith, for you to see…

The evidence was there, demons holding onto the reigns

The veil was lifted, and their purpose left stains

That in every human soul, and a heart beats full of love

Was pierced, by HIS intent, to show YOU, real love

That she was sent here, working for HIM, and for only their love, and bliss

Then, felt the tender blow, the final kiss…

He sent me to you, for HIS purpose, indeed

Though, you felt betrayed, although you missed the true intent

The immoral was present!  She fought,  for HIS Glory!

Instead, the argument  began

What, was set before you, you didn’t understand

The veil was lifted, wasn’t an illusion, throughout this confusion,

It was the devils, intrusion.

The threshold of pure love, holds droplet of blood,  of a battle won,

NOT!!!!  by the SON,

The ONE, that came through, use me! For the message you, didn’t really want, to see!!

 It wasn’t about me, or what, was written, or what,  you said,

It was twisted, by evil, spun onto me, perfectly!

The GOODNESS, of my intent, was spent on the wrong side, the door you walked through,

He didn’t intend,  for you to do?

Now your lady, sits in the Castle, riding the tide for two…

 The End of His story.


In ancient Jerusalem, the veil of illusion was symbolized by a curtain hanging across the entrance to the

Holy of Holies, the inner sanctum of the great temple. The curtain blocked the assembled from seeing

the Ark of the Covenant through which Jehovah, God, spoke. Only once a year was the High Priest

Allowed to enter and hear the word of God.


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