Affection and Ultimate True Love

September 27, 2013

keiths fav

 Lady in waiting would need to reassure her man that she is first and foremost his best friend.   Forming,  close and deep bonds with their soul mate and this thus strengthens their relationships, one step at a time.  So, be willing to accept this form of faith and devotion from her man, he’s filled with love. He will be glad to give that part of their lives to you, once they have culminated that close and spiritual bond,  on a serious level.  She worries about the future.  Lives her life in terms of the future.   Although, he may get too involved in that and stop living in reality. If you would like the one you love,  to be more present, be able to talk him through his obstacles, in letting him know that you will passionately be by his side in an effort to help him, think correctly. Since his mind is refined anyhow, he can ultimately be able to catch up once told of his shortcomings.

She is sweet, very lovable, a bit shy and quiet, but still very trustworthy.

She believes in her loyal friends. In fact, his lady, may just smother you a little. Nothing to worry about, however. She means well. And still, she is  pleasant to everyone. She’s a sensitive, women. Her pride can be easily hurt, trust is monument in her eyes. She tends to need lots of love and reassurance, because she needs, to be believed in. She would never, bring lack of worthiness, and would conquer the world, for her love. She takes care of those, she loves, in every level.  Just like our, Heavenly Father.

When, she bonds with you, you’re in her dreams. Her future, and love for life, and all the adventures it brings. You’re in her soul.  She loves freedom, to make her choices, although, it takes a strong hand, to guide her.  She’s a women in love, with Christ, and the man he set in her path, to bring him life in a reality world. We ride side by side, with the same values, ethics and truth.

You’re all, I have waited for. GOD, I miss my love.

In my heart, you’ll always be,

a part of me.

Cheryl A33nn

Cheryl Sept 2013


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