My Love Letter. For You, My Unborn

October 1, 2013


My dear children in Heaven…

Mommy, wants you to know-

There’s not a day, that goes by

that I haven’t cried

For the moments we could of shared

tender love, if you dare

It began, with a heart beat, a bond of love

Created from, Him…way up, above

I know, you know, now, what I mean

Your soul’s are in Heaven, nice and clean

I know, our Lord. More then most realize

In HIS decision, there wasn’t a compromise

He gave me, both of you, to understand my child now

I believe, he gave me many children, to reach, with HIS love, His Vow

I didn’t deliver you, here to me,

❤ I  delivered you, to thee ❤

Two in one, makes three

The Trinity, has been my saving number

Pain, I encumber

for the lost souls, I fight for you

 bring them home, its what, HE wanted me to do

You see, all I do isn’t only for you

They’re,  just as much a treasure, mommy found in you

Although, they roam in search of life again

They don’t realize, what kind of friend, I really am

Once they reach Heaven, I know you’ll greet them

With open arms, with tender love, because you know..

they’re condemned

We are together, in spirit working for the same goal

Even tho, it takes a toll…

Sending them up, where you are

is like watching the birth of a new star..

Its then, I know they’ve made it home

Their souls release, and no longer roam…

What a celebration, you’ve  always thrown

For the lost souls mommy sends home

Many blessings to you, my children, you make me so proud

I hear the Angels, sing out loud

When the Heaven’s, gates open, and you’re, both standing there

with a love, so eager to share

What souls, your mother sends to you

I place them, into your hands, because you know, what to do..

We work together, that’s why, we’re always together

I am sending them, home to you

So, you can cuddle them, in white feathers

In that comfort, that shelter, that lasts forever…

In Christ, I am always in labor, barring love for Jesus

P.S.  I love you, I miss you. I will see you soon, enough. Mom is still, a diamond in the rough, I won’t be there, though, until He says: Enough’s, enough. I will swim, in the streams, and oceans, and feel clean. It will be then, I will lay down, in a bed of roses ❤

The scent, of Him, this marriage, between Him, and I. I lay the ring down, because I will be home, and the band, the circle, will be complete, there…I will rest, with you all.



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