Out Of The Night Sky

October 1, 2013

Thunder roared!

Lightning hammered

There he stood

in the deep woods

An A frame, encompassed you

I know, why you came through

Saint Micheal, your sword shimmering in the dark

I could feel the spark

Though, I couldn’t see your face

the purpose, how you found me

Then, left no visual trace

Oh! You scared me, woke me up

To the destruction, in their cup

I will serve you, OH!!!   MIGHTY GOD!!!

You trust me, with your knowledge, your Faith

My soul, is SAFE!

I did pay attention, to the stormy night

When, you opened the door to the Knight

We shared night and day

Run parallel, in every way

I pulled out  the sword, right out of that rock

I laid down my life, on your clock

I made the choice, to do battle here  on earth

Fighting for the GOOD of lost Faith

I understand, now…why, you left NO trace

It’s in me, to provide the right stuff


Come on home girl, shed your amour

You’ve laid it down, long enough

You’re a a precious Warrior for me

Bless you child, come home, and be free!

Here are your new wings

The old ones hold scars and blood you shed

I will grant you, the color of Red

Your hands, your heart, and the trails you left for me

I will send you down, again! OH, YES! Indeed!

You weren’t done planting the seeds

So, fly! With my guarantee

The ones you bring home to Thee

Will set your soul free

So, here I go again, my Lord, for you

I’ll do, what I can…for a love like yours, right out of the blue

❤    ~j’

Cheryl A33nn



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