My Prayer For You, Keith

October 3, 2013

“If” there’s ever a time

when your life doesn’t meet mine

I will say, this prayer for you

My forever love, my best-friend, my teacher


As, you walk your path of life

May, God always be with you

When you’re feeling lonely, and astray

Think of me

I’ll be back, in your life one day

When, you reach for greater things

Don’t loose Faith

He’ll pull at your heart strings

Should you feel, like you can’t go on

Hang in there! For you both are strong

Believe in yourself

You will always reach your dreams

Blue oceans, solid streams

Sit back, and think, when you were young

of all,  the things you could of done

Now, that you’ve grown

You’ve learned to do things on your own

I believe in you, and know you well

Seek, and you’ll find

All those dreams, become reality in time

I will always love you,

No matter, what you can or cannot do

To be human is to error

Love regardless, like you just don’t care

Always have an open mind

The love in your eyes, will always shine

As, I walk this path before you

Dare to look back?  I would of loved to show you

You’ve been the sweetest man, I’ve ever loved

Good bye, my BEST friend

My love for you, will never end.

I will be on that somewhere road

Nothing, I am unfamiliar with, and still carry this load

I placed my heart into your hands

laid down the best of plans

Although, you’ll never know

we were, within days

of a dream come true…

Had the decision been mine

We’d lost all track of time

AND the words never spoken

Wouldn’t, of left hearts broken

I would lay down my life for you, when this world comes to an end

Because YOU

Will always be

MY BEST friend!





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