One More Door

October 5, 2013


It’s fairly simple

Cheryl A33nn

Love made with by the hands of Christ

This, love…. I won’t ever have doubts

Kiss me goodbye, not look me in the eye

Miles I travel just to bring it home

Yet, the path… I still roam

Its all because of you

You brought me hope of being able to be real

I  wasn’t in your eyes the real deal

Pulled it all together in the end

There wasn’t NO pretending here

It came down, to only YOUR fear

To close the door to something so blessed

We failed the test

I walk these streets alone

In search of a new home

All the shattered hearts

That know, we’re apart

Prayers for unity go unheard

While our hearts are stirred…

I am out of your bed, and off your walls

Yet I still hear you call my name, down the halls

Brick walls thrown up, and fall so hard

The pain is enormous and my heart holds scars

You are the mender, in Christ? Now, I have to wonder?

Killing love, over a blunder…

I am so Thankful to know

My Faith, my hands caress

Those that are blessed

To be touched by me

Through the hands of Thee.

I will always be, who I am

Some will never get it, and choose to take a stand

Go around in circles -hand in hand

The band that binds -always out last’s time

For a man, that really didn’t understand

Where I came from-why I took HIS command

To bring you through it all

In Faith, we always stand TALL

I will peer from up above-He said to me

Girl get off your rear – bring them home to me

For every soul I return to HIM

I am working harder

as I sing HIS Hymns…

Blessed be in your name

Things will never be the same…

❤ I love you, Jesus ❤

Thank you, so much for this time spent

This gift I accepted. Just needed to vent  😉


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