Do You Remember?

October 28, 2013


Photo  *2010

Three years ago

I watched the clock tick very slow

The love was cooking …simmering on low

My confusion my worries grabbed my heart

Thoughts kept rolling, back to the start of


My heart beat slowly in anguish

still yet today

As I watch the clock still

for the love that didn’t fit the bill?

The pain, of what we lost that day

still I belong to you, anyway

You loved me then, we didn’t pretend

It wasn’t me that brought this love to an end.

I sit and wish that my life wasn’t this way

I didn’t know who I was, until I died that day

I had to accept what was delivered to me

Did I want it?  NO! This gift was meant to be

No matter how hard I try to be normal

GOD opened the door to the Paranormal.

Though, I try so darn hard to find a love to accept me for me

The love, the ONE he set forth before thee

Closed the door, when my heart felt free

Just to be me…

I guess I wasn’t allowed to bring truth with him

instead, I sit and watch time fade

While he suffers in a decision he made

My heart cries everyday, for the man GOD made for me

He bleeds out the suffering, and the dark side of love

Yet, what he’s missing …she is that dove

She is a real person, with emotions too

Crying out! Reach out, release this PAIN

From a love not made in VAIN!!!


Take the chance MAKE the break!

My time is running out!  The clock ticks only for you!!!!

Knock on this same door and let this go!

You came here before, don’t you know?

I am right here the same place

When our eyes met…we felt that GRACE

I have left you many clues

Here we both set paying a dues!

Yet you still think, I have left US

NO WAY! You taught me well

When all hell broke loose  and I came out of my shell

You, put me so far up on that pedestal

You still question…is she creditable?

I guess, your pride keeps you from knowing

What GOOD waits for you!

Now, with this information….

What are you going to do??

With loving, my darlin….

The clock is ticking…

It just takes a simple call or knock on this door

to open up the rest of our lives

Once more  ❤

Cheryl A33nn


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