For The Tree…

October 28, 2013

For the tree

She saw the seedling, in the beginning. Watered it just a bit, even though, it did thirst for water she feed it more.  She came back to, check on the seedling. It had grown, alright. It drank, from the cloudy waters. When, she started to water again, that was clear…the tree, folded its branches around her. The growth clung to what it needed. Nurturing, love with growth in the right direction. Then, the tree, wanted to grow elsewhere. Did she, put a fence around it. Of course she did, to insure proper growth, sprouting up right! Reaching for the Heavens, where it all was created. She knew what she was doing. Sowing, planting, nurturing for Him. The fence is, God’s, embrace. However, the tree, wanted to branch out in its own direction, which only creates uncontrollable growth. Thus, leaving the tree, unattended. Open for destruction to the respect, of the fence. Its SOUL purpose was to keep it safe. With, the right tools in hand for trimming, and keeping trees in your fence (embrace) of love, where their branches grow. They must be frequently sniped, in order to avoid any potential problems as well as keeping them aesthetically pleasing. We know, in this world, trees, and are not always respected. There are a variety of tools, GOD provided to keep your tree growing in, the right direction. Maybe, when she went to trim, to care for her tree, there was no bending in the branches, for redirection, she once helped grow. It was a stubborn tree. She only, wanted to see, the leaves green and full of the right nutrients. She cleaned, around the trunk, exposing the unhealthy roots, gave it new life, new growth, clear direction. She can be found at the general hardware store.

Under the sign, that says:  God’s tools.  The tag read:  $Priceless$

~j~ Cheryl Ann Fletcher ~j~


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