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Father Time

December 31, 2013


I am the Angel from: Father Time

I have danced upon your heart for a long time

As the hands gently caress my soul

It’s now time for you to know

When the minutes were ticking by

I remained in the sky

Watching over you for Him, until

Our lives knew where to begin

Yet I spread my wings far and wide

With each new minute I’ll be by your side

As we ride the time of here nor there

We will love and be free without any care

No matter how time stands still

I will always be there

It’s His Will

Thy shall be done…

Come fly with me out to Thee

I will take you on a journey with me

I will take you back to the day when time stood still

Where you stated:  I fit the bill


Oh…Father Time

Take us there one more time

Where our hearts felt the rhythm and rhyme

You’ll hear my heart ticking in every room

Where timing bates your every move

Share the New Year together we will indeed

Taking it slowly

In God’s speed

I am your Angel one more time

Sweet Angel Divine

Cheryl Ann

Remembering the Time…


What Is Evil?

December 24, 2013

Source of Inspiration

What is the source
of evil? It starts as
an imbalance of self.
An excess of “I want,”
with a disregard for the
needs of others. This
self-centeredness takes,
takes, takes, never
satisfied, always wanting
more. At the same time,
it rejects what it does
not want, often with disregard
for what it is pushing away,
causing discord in relationships,
groups, nations, etc.


The give and take reality
is a source of comfort
and pleasure; it is also
the source of misery in
the world when out of
balance with a focus on self.

Examine your intentions;
bring into balance a satisfaction
of needs within harmonic balance
with all life. For what is “sin”
but activity that causes harm to others.

Within the creative power of love
lies the secret of fraternity–
a world of peace where needs are
met without harm to others.
And so it is. Amen.

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Sipping On A New Brew

December 14, 2013


I have been created for many to share a word or two

My world is in constant rotation for you

I am in the heart and center of your core

It is the quality time spent with you

I simply adore

The center is where my heart meets yours

A gravitational pull, yes, indeed

Where the energy of our love

Traveled with great speed

The words I speak come from the heart

I take complete ownership of this art

If I have spoken a word or more

I pray that your thoughts will soar

I bet I will met you on a different plain

Where this love will be sustained

By beauty in the art of speaking

Passionate looks

Tender touch

Simple kisses

Please fill my morning cup

up with words that stroke my heart

Then lift the cup with me, and drink the words

meant for you and me

Do you smell the brewing of  love

that’s worth the renewing?

I know so

Want a refill?

Cheryl Ann


What A Journey

December 14, 2013

In this life time, I see beyond the night. I’ll wake up to a new world. I was just out there floating, around you all. Hoping that our worlds would collide. Although, the nights seem like an endless journey, I see the direction, that I am levitating to. It may take me a while, but there’s grace in space…as I carry on. Good night, eveyone. Sleep in total solitude..ox



Out On The Winterey Limbs Of Love

December 13, 2013

Uncle Tree's House


When it snows and my limbs begin to bend

under the weight, I relax

 letting loose all worries and cares 

When the North wind blows

I just curl in my roots

like toes in new Christmas shoes

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The Picture Of Love

December 7, 2013



   As I step out into dreaming, my heart races.  Just  to look into your eyes. I know, because I have been here, before. I found my arms reaching up, to the skies, in the dark of the night.  My arms reaching, just to hold you tight. You’re part of me, and the Universe, you’ll see!  Do you see, inside of me? What it’s like to be free? Divinity, I am.  You hit it spot on, whereupon…I will dwell. In the heart of love, raining down from only Him, above. I bled out, onto the leaves I left so tender and true, as the dagger was plunged into my soul, and you didn’t know, what to do. So, I picked up, the leaves day after day, as I bowed my head, and prayed. That, Jesus would show you the way, right back to me, so we could love, live and play. It will always be our dance, no one can take away the beauty of love, God gave us that day. I belong to only you, and I will see you throughout the days of our lives, and every picture after this, will ring in the joys of utter bliss..

Merry Christmas! My love, and my lovely family too! I love all of you, yes! Yes! Its true!

With warm wishes

Cheryl Ann


Knocking On Heaven’s Heart

December 5, 2013


The stairway to your heart was opened on this day

As I climbed the stairs I wasn’t sure what to say

As I reached for the handle my heart pounded with glee

I wanted you to see how much love

I have for thee

Although it took many years for this climb

Heavens bells began to chime

I listened very carefully to the sound of love

 The white bird greets me with confidence from above

~Made by His brilliance and divine plan~

Oh! He knew long before me and you

Divine intervention was long over due

His plan was in place a long time ago

It wasn’t the right time for you to know

I came back down many a time

Really doesn’t matter to me

How many times I’ve had to make this climb

I will repeat history with a clean slate

All you got to do is make the date

I will be there shinny and new

Isn’t that He’d want us to do?

I no longer carry the old baggage up the stairs

My heart is carefree and I am on the right path

I had to endure the pain of His wrath

But…on this day as I made a new song

I’ll be singing it loud and strong…

As I reach for the door handle again…

For you

My BEST Friend