Knocking On Heaven’s Heart

December 5, 2013


The stairway to your heart was opened on this day

As I climbed the stairs I wasn’t sure what to say

As I reached for the handle my heart pounded with glee

I wanted you to see how much love

I have for thee

Although it took many years for this climb

Heavens bells began to chime

I listened very carefully to the sound of love

 The white bird greets me with confidence from above

~Made by His brilliance and divine plan~

Oh! He knew long before me and you

Divine intervention was long over due

His plan was in place a long time ago

It wasn’t the right time for you to know

I came back down many a time

Really doesn’t matter to me

How many times I’ve had to make this climb

I will repeat history with a clean slate

All you got to do is make the date

I will be there shinny and new

Isn’t that He’d want us to do?

I no longer carry the old baggage up the stairs

My heart is carefree and I am on the right path

I had to endure the pain of His wrath

But…on this day as I made a new song

I’ll be singing it loud and strong…

As I reach for the door handle again…

For you

My BEST Friend


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