The Picture Of Love

December 7, 2013



   As I step out into dreaming, my heart races.  Just  to look into your eyes. I know, because I have been here, before. I found my arms reaching up, to the skies, in the dark of the night.  My arms reaching, just to hold you tight. You’re part of me, and the Universe, you’ll see!  Do you see, inside of me? What it’s like to be free? Divinity, I am.  You hit it spot on, whereupon…I will dwell. In the heart of love, raining down from only Him, above. I bled out, onto the leaves I left so tender and true, as the dagger was plunged into my soul, and you didn’t know, what to do. So, I picked up, the leaves day after day, as I bowed my head, and prayed. That, Jesus would show you the way, right back to me, so we could love, live and play. It will always be our dance, no one can take away the beauty of love, God gave us that day. I belong to only you, and I will see you throughout the days of our lives, and every picture after this, will ring in the joys of utter bliss..

Merry Christmas! My love, and my lovely family too! I love all of you, yes! Yes! Its true!

With warm wishes

Cheryl Ann


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