What Is Evil?

December 24, 2013

Source of Inspiration

What is the source
of evil? It starts as
an imbalance of self.
An excess of “I want,”
with a disregard for the
needs of others. This
self-centeredness takes,
takes, takes, never
satisfied, always wanting
more. At the same time,
it rejects what it does
not want, often with disregard
for what it is pushing away,
causing discord in relationships,
groups, nations, etc.


The give and take reality
is a source of comfort
and pleasure; it is also
the source of misery in
the world when out of
balance with a focus on self.

Examine your intentions;
bring into balance a satisfaction
of needs within harmonic balance
with all life. For what is “sin”
but activity that causes harm to others.

Within the creative power of love
lies the secret of fraternity–
a world of peace where needs are
met without harm to others.
And so it is. Amen.

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