Father Time

December 31, 2013


I am the Angel from: Father Time

I have danced upon your heart for a long time

As the hands gently caress my soul

It’s now time for you to know

When the minutes were ticking by

I remained in the sky

Watching over you for Him, until

Our lives knew where to begin

Yet I spread my wings far and wide

With each new minute I’ll be by your side

As we ride the time of here nor there

We will love and be free without any care

No matter how time stands still

I will always be there

It’s His Will

Thy shall be done…

Come fly with me out to Thee

I will take you on a journey with me

I will take you back to the day when time stood still

Where you stated:  I fit the bill


Oh…Father Time

Take us there one more time

Where our hearts felt the rhythm and rhyme

You’ll hear my heart ticking in every room

Where timing bates your every move

Share the New Year together we will indeed

Taking it slowly

In God’s speed

I am your Angel one more time

Sweet Angel Divine

Cheryl Ann

Remembering the Time…



  1. Superbly sweet and succinctly true, dearest! 🙂 Luvz & Hugz! Keith

  2. Reblogged this on Mazdboss's Blog.

  3. “If”, this was succinctly true, and superbly sweet. Then, time would of never stopped, and actions would of been much more sweet, than written words. Time has taken on a new venue for me, it’s living in reality. A real world is preferred, not a fantasy. For me, as it always was…real.

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