Some Day’s I Just Don’t Get It

March 7, 2014



Photo Taken By: Cheryl Ann


I have walked this path so many times. I swear I see the footprints and they don’t change with the weather. I am sure the pebbles beneath my shoes and the same rocks that were tossed years ago.

Its the same journey just a repeat of yesterday as I move forward I still feel backwards on a road that takes me nowhere. 

When I start the walk the whole point surrounds me and it encompasses my soul. Its a journey that seems never-ending “or” I fear the walk again a lone. 

Yesterday, keeps following me and as I look back I still see what you didn’t…

Some souls remain in the deep ditches and they reach up and signal my direction…

But it’s the living that scares the hell right out of me 

Why? Why do we have to burn to death in sorrow? Why can’t we live for tomorrow and let all it just melt away..

No one knows how I really feel in this journey without zeal…

Love is a death trap of walking up and down this path time and time again… seeing the before’s and the afters

And still we all just don’t get it…

I came here to look through a different kind of filter and some say a veil…

There’s a special kind of person that only lifts it for the right reasons

Just like when a desperado hangs his hat 

Its a recipe blended with mother earth 

She’s  the best cook for mixing love with all the right seasons

Next time I travel this road…I am sure and without doubt

My surroundings will be colorful and in full bloom 





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