Me And Mr. Blue

March 8, 2014


He sat with me on this fine day

Neither one of us knew what to say

He had his eye on me

While he sat so patently 

It might of been the twinkle in his eye

That kept me focused as I pointed high

The camera caught his subtle moves

I starting shooting as I had nothing to loose

I think he was feeling my need of attention

At the peak of my redemption

The moment I bowed my head in tears

He flew off as if he’d never appeared

I said good bye to my blue attitude

And walked to my car and felt the solitude 

I knew he’d flown a long way to sit  on that branch

I was looking for a reason to smile and dance

He said “Girl take this shot it’s your last chance.”

Funny, how I was feeling this same way

Blues came by and couldn’t stay….

But that’s okay! 

When I turned my head to see where he’d gone

My heart no longer playing the blues song..







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