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A tree in the yard of the Duke of Cumberland, Cottingham – August 2012

April 27, 2014

What a wonderful sketch! It really drew me into branching it out, onto my blog! LOVE this!


Duke of Cumberland Tree

Drawn after lunch in the Duke of Cumberland, Cottingham, 06/08/12 – sat in the quiet little beer garden at the back of the pub… I think the ivy covered window makes the composition.

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A Ginger Moment

April 27, 2014

Ginger Warrior

You know she didn’t care,

As, she looked passed the moon lit mountains.

Moon light danced upon her back,

And, then her dress fell.

The tearing at her skin was only a matter of time,

She was sure something was lurking in the trees, because they hide the mountains.

Pressing of the flesh came without warning,

It had been there for an eternity.

Only she knew this battle,

The evil taunting her soul and constantly chewing at the bit.

It knew not of the sting of fate, but of the fate of this sting

Still it follows…

Will it win?

Tied up into the flashing moments as the world was spinning,

Wicked this way will come; it’s been chasing you for years.

Caressing the dirt; the nails pound deeper,

There are no thorns to strong for the dark.

Sweet death slowly emerges,

As, the mist appears right out from your worst night mare right there,

Hold on it won’t take long; it will feed while you bleed.

Your story goes way back into the time of yester-year,

You’re just looking at yourself in a mirror, shocking to others…yes indeed.

The ginger as we’ve know her to be, she has red hair that flows with a story to each strand, and no matter how hard she brushes the story its always there. She has traveled years beyond what you could ever fathom, it’s beyond compassion. In the fifteen-hundreds, she was a woman born from Celtic clan. She’s been through wars, and defended her family, and her dearest friends, and has carried a temper throughout generations. A woman that doesn’t put down her sword for anyone, but the man she adores.

There’s not a confrontational moment she isn’t able to handle, she does it with precision. With her swift approach she recognizes the threat, and with this being said, she is able to handle any forbidden walk. She is like a something hard to imagine, but she is defiantly unforgettable.

Her beauty is striking, her hair, eyes and her body, her sexy candor will leave a man gasping for air, and yet she is the first to breathe life into clay. The sound of her voice never leaves the ear drum, as it goes on even in the gentlest breeze, yet roars like an undeniable foghorn throughout the mountain-sides. Like the beating of a drum slowly beating at first, but as sharp as a deadly knife. You’ll her thunderous entry, deep into the crevice of your hearing, and your heart will skip a beat. Stance is her best quality.

She will become naked at gesture, a hint of demanding pleasures of fighting, reflecting back to how it all began, when she came out of her mother’s womb. She felt the labors of love, then. And will conquer anything that stands between her, and love. Then, her coat of armor is exposed naked with, Christ. She defends and honors Him in all battles.

The power is in the flesh she bares, and the fruit of her mother’s womb tells all the tails. These warriors will live on forever, as she fights the ugly beast that bare their claws in defiance of goodness.  She is a goddess, she will fight for only a good cause, and when there’s blood shed it’s only due to what lurks in the darkness. And, she bares no scars.

The mountains can become molehills, because no matter how big they are…they’re won over time with honor, by the One that gives us courage.

Reflections can be deceiving; it just depends on how you view the image in the mirrors of your mind.


Paranormal Mystery Series

April 23, 2014

Wednesday Poetry Corner: Mother Poetry Fabulous Art Submissions

April 23, 2014

Dr Niamh's Children's Books

Mother Poetry Anthology, Plum Tree Books, Dr.NanaPlum Amazing Books For Children image used with permission from Katie m. Berggren,

Are you looking for inspiration for the Mother Anthology (as if your mother isn’t enough inspiration!) Along with poetry submissions, we have received some wonderful art. Just take a look at this! It is literally a hug from the page that encapsulates exactly what I am looking for from the poetry submissions. In art is inspiration for me, and it certainly feeds my poetry and children’s stories. Thank you Katie Berggren for allowing me to share this wonderful image with Plum Tree Books’ followers.

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Father Time

April 23, 2014

Mazdboss's Blog


I am the Angel from: Father Time

I have danced upon your heart for a long time

As the hands gently caress my soul

It’s now time for you to know

When the minutes were ticking by

I remained in the sky

Watching over you for Him, until

Our lives knew where to begin

Yet I spread my wings far and wide

With each new minute I’ll be by your side

As we ride the time of here nor there

We will love and be free without any care

No matter how time stands still

I will always be there

It’s His Will

Thy shall be done…

Come fly with me out to Thee

I will take you on a journey with me

I will take you back to the day when time stood still

Where you stated:  I fit the bill


Oh…Father Time

Take us there one more…

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The Eye Of October

April 23, 2014



Photography by: Cheryl Ann

Walking a lone on this path of mine

I stopped when I saw you

I felt you following me

Your beckoning call taunted my soul

I couldn’t help but to give in…

The lens that I could see you through

was not of my own eyes

You must know me well to see me this way

You  knew I would reach for what my hands want to hold

My goodness I couldn’t help myself…

So, I pondered…

Will you still be there when I look again?

And there you were just hanging around

I caught you starring back at me…

It was love at first sight

I didn’t capture you

You captured me..

I guess its all in how you look at it..




My Journey

April 19, 2014

Then, we must find the the perfect olives and anoint our hearts, and drill for pure water, as we all thirst for the everlasting waters. And there we drink from the passion deep within our souls, so let it flow. Drink, until you thirst no more. Don’t be afraid of His return, I have been there. I returned just like he will, and you will hear what I have been saying. His words will be of my own. Only then, you’ll finally understand.




Carried to you in faith, as I rode in on white wings. I wasn’t afraid of the flight. Although my wings were tattered, though I still flew. It was on a wing and a prayer my destination was guided by His plan. I never had a doubt, yet the veil was raised only for your eyes to see the destruction, and the need to reveal the truth, and what sets us free. My wings no longer need repair, because it was He the ONE who cared. My destination I know longer question. I am HIS messenger of love and set sail on a mission from a white dove.  I am… Biancadove.