A Mother’s Love

May 13, 2014












I kissed the face of God today.

From the moment I knew 

I was carrying you…the visions I had, about you have came true

You are the only one that understands me

Loves me for who I really am…

You’re a gift …you are my child

And, in that I take a stand

I will honor you for every breath you take

You laid down your life for this country in times when, there were other things you could of done

I think I have earned my gold star for a job well done

I prayed everyday for your safe return

And, here’s the lesson I have learned..

I would gladly lay down my life for you, and so proud of the things you’ve done

You’ve turned out to be one fabulous son…

The memory of you announcing that you wanted to serve your country

The pain of lost dreams I had for you

You proved everyone wrong, because you knew what you wanted to do

On the day I take my last breath 

I will see you, like I saw you the first time

Smiling back at me

And, I will be home free.

Because I know where I am going, and the jobs I have done

I am sure I will get from our Lord…

Cheryl Ann…

You’ve raised one incredible son..

In dedication to: Robert Elliott-Fletcher

U.S. Army Fort Drum Base, New York Material



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