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My Salvation

July 30, 2014




I know that I am not from here

I can see you there, crystal clear

I have yet to find

A more present place in time

Floating out there somewhere in time

How could we be so blind

Your love surrounds the gravity of my soul

It’s YOU! Always in control…

But…I know you’ve got my destiny

Predesignated most defiantly…

Please carry me away 

Throughout the twist and turns that come everyday


Love is weightless, Love is TIME…

And, time is LOVE

I don’t ware a watch, because I am on HIS time clock


Cheryl Ann



Dear, Mr. Bob Marley

July 28, 2014



My letter to you.

Dear Mr. Bob Marley,

I have a genuine story of love for you.

It started out when I was a teenager. It was when, I had a lot to wager. Yes, I gambled on a love that was true, it was a love I thought, belonged to only two. Yet the years rolled by, after the love went to the way-side. Not, because it was of my choice, but from a mothers voice. I gave him the best part of me, my first time, one that was made for an eternity. Although, I was young my mother didn’t know what she’d done by tearing us apart. I knew I loved him, the moment I looked in to his heart.  It was a promise made to, God that I would marry him someday. So, I went out on a limb, to be with him again…many years later, I wanted to be with him, until  our life’s end. My intention was to die in his arms, and I avoided the alarms. What really hurt me the most, there were to many hosts, to ceremonies that now are only a dream, once again…

I fought hard for a love I truly believed in , even bought a wedding dress!  My love was never a fantasy, I wanted my love to dance with me. Mr. Marley, he never knew my intentions obviously,  true. The dress that hangs in the closet was bought for his love, and dress me in a blessing from, God’s mighty love. I will die, loving him.

Mr. Marley…

Your message here rang so loud in my heart, apparently he never got it right from the start….




Cheryl Ann

To: My once true love…



July 23, 2014



Photo Taken By: Cheryl Ann Fletcher

Extraordinary Connections with Cheryl Ann

San Francisco Bay July 2014

When I look at you through my lens

I see the baby blue that has no end

You draw me in to a world not many understand

I see many men from another land

I traveled so far to meet you from another time

Your beauty is sublime

I couldn’t take my eyes off of you

So, I had to stop! And take many pictures, and then grab a tissue

I knew who’d been there before

When they closed you down, and shut the door

Still you remain, and your spirit doesn’t complain

But, I hear your cries, your sorrow that cannot be contained

As you seek a better tomorrow

But, your days will never end, and you seek glory

You’ll move on one day, when you give up your story

For now you wander, and you can’t find your way

No worries…He’ll come for you one day

Until then enjoy your beautiful view

Of the life you once knew…

-Dedicated to the men that lost their lives at Alcatraz, and the men who were their gate keepers-