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In The Begining

August 31, 2014




Photo Taken By: Cheryl Ann Fletcher


The breeze. Oh! The beautiful wind

I feel it thrusting throughout my wings

As my flight brightens, and the morning sun rises again 

I fly through all things considered …even the flog that clutters my vision

I can see through anything, and the people below…if you could see what I see

I peer from above while my eyes fill with the dew

I feel it, too

Love is all around me, and it just astounds me …

To be so far away from you, but I am on this flight from morning to night

And, some have yet to see the light

When I am up here and you’re so far down there…you don’t seem to even care..

My wings carry so much love, and I still carry the weight …

No matter what…I will fly by you, and leave a tender brushing of a delicate kiss

Someday I will land, but it won’t be on this plain..

I am slowly closing in to make my final end, and when that day comes

You’ll finally understand where I came from. And who has always been, there. The One beneath my wings…

He’s lives in my heart…He’s my King. 

Cheryl Ann







Givers of Life~

August 5, 2014

Please view this blog! It’s amazing!


The Crown Of All Storms

August 5, 2014

Seths photo


For: Seth Alne

Photo taken by: Seth Alne






Yes! I will ride in on a glorious thunder

You’ll hear me roar in like no-other

I make storms …I breath life into the old by many forms

You’ll see…just look at me

I will wash away any sin, and there new life will begin

It’s in the cleansing of the rain

I promise to wash away your pain

It’s painted in the canvas of our universe

Promised by me many years ago…I will always remind you

 by: The Crown 

I will never let you drown

when the rain comes down

I took care of you even when you weren’t around…

My promise to you…

When you believe in me, and truth prevails

Here’s just another clue

I have always been beside you

I am not just a fairy tail…

I came in like thunder to feed your hunger

Send in the rain and starve no more

When you reach for the handle and open the door…

Let the rain begin and take a bath…

And I will save you from the wrath…



Cheryl Ann

For my friend with a beautiful keen sense to capture the canvas of Love











Poetic Justice

August 5, 2014

Quite… once in the heart fluttered

I thought he’d never speak any blunders

Then the words rolled off his lips

My heart stopped

Feet stopped on a dime

What a crime

To place a women of such respect for a genuine love made

What a shame

I will hold my head up high regardless of this blunder

Even though it hit me like THUNDER

Words spoken never leave the mind

As you said…maybe in time?


You threw it away just like I knew you’d do

Trust me when I say this now

Ladies theirs not a fairy tail come true

We only dream it in a world once made for two

Just remember what rolls off your lips

We jump ships

Held forever in a world without time

As I float on by…

Cheryl Ann