In The Begining

August 31, 2014




Photo Taken By: Cheryl Ann Fletcher



The breeze. Oh! The beautiful wind

I feel it thrusting throughout my wings

As my flight brightens, and the morning sun rises again 

I fly through all things considered …even the flog that clutters my vision

I can see through anything, and the people below…if you could see what I see

I peer from above while my eyes fill with the dew

I feel it, too

Love is all around me, and it just astounds me …

To be so far away from you, but I am on this flight from morning to night

And, some have yet to see the light

When I am up here and you’re so far down there…you don’t seem to even care..

My wings carry so much love, and I still carry the weight …

No matter what…I will fly by you, and leave a tender brushing of a delicate kiss

Someday I will land, but it won’t be on this plain..

I am slowly closing in to make my final end, and when that day comes

You’ll finally understand where I came from. And who has always been, there. The One beneath my wings…

He’s lives in my heart…He’s my King. 

Cheryl Ann







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