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When Time Has No Definition Here

October 29, 2014


When its time to lay this body down

When I meet the man that wares the crown

When I ask him where can my soul be found

When I seek I know it will be found

When I find it and hold my life

When I am judged for all the things I haven’t done right

When I ask GOD why?

When He stops time on a dime

When I listen and he’ll explain

When I hear it wasn’t all in vain…

When He say’s to me you’ve done all you can

When He speaks for all mortal man

When I shed the tears of relief 

When I realize nothing I did wasn’t the truth

When He says, “Cheryl Ann,” man just doesn’t understand

When He says…I gave you more than they could understand

When He, and I stand

When I shake his hand

When I enter His land…

I begin to understand.

When He say’s …you were born

When He say’s …. 

When time has no definition here

When I say…

Time doesn’t erase the blood in this space

My tears still are running down my face

The love that was meant to be, Lord…

Time ran out…

When he says to me…

Cheryl Ann…let it go, and just be free

When he says…one day he’ll see me

And, we’ll have all the time in this space

To retrace the rights and wrongs

When He says…in these moments you’ll need to be strong

for all things that were done wrong…

Because you will be back one day

I say…just to repeat what went away?

When time has no definition …

When He says….you’ll have all the time in the world my girl

I say….

I think its time

Let us rewind…


My 4 Golden Rules of Writing

October 21, 2014

Awesome read! ❤

Nicholas C. Rossis

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I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now. The main reason is that I keep coming across several writing rules that make little sense to me. Then, I came across a gem of a post by Constance Hale, “When Shakespeare Committed Word Crimes” on TED.

Constance confirmed what I long suspected: when there is tension in a language between what comes naturally and the rules, it’s because someone has tried to shoehorn the language into their idea of conformity.

Does this mean there are no rules? Not at all. It just means that the ones we are taught in workshops and classrooms are not necessarily the ones that matter to actual readers – as opposed to teachers, agents and editors. So, here are my golden rules; the ones no fiction writer should ever break, in my view:

Rule #1: Don’t let your writing get in the way of your story.

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Annie’s Walk

October 18, 2014


Stop for a moment and listen

I am in the gentle breeze

Time changes everything

Do you hear me?

Time may change me at several levels

But…I am never going to change

I just love the fact

You see my real colors

And, you still appreciate me

No matter how many seasons I go through

Your vision of me is so incredible

I see you, too

And, how you go through changes

Just like me

Oh…I will be back in this same place next time we meet

But …you will never see the same thing

Because I will turn a new leaf

And so will you…

Until next year…

We walk the same path, and our colors

Will be just as captivating as we are now

Dedicated to:

Annie Tarpley, and her beautiful photography


The Sunne shines of Women

October 18, 2014

Wow! Love this one!!!

Wuji Seshat



I’ve had love enough
For songs and sonets
And maps to discover

The face of this world
I dreame of thee
Like I champion women
Fought for them, stood
By them, though


Better hemisphere I would
Discover, love so alike
In each face finds beauty

And in every heart finds
A good part of goodness
All strange wonders befall
Thee, when women are near
And last, till you write your


Letters, a woman’s constancy
Can gain you your portion
Of wealth, and true wealth

Is albeit, emotional, social
Like older clothes, worn best
And vertues in their splendid attire
Given by those who know us best
Women, who are braver


Than the spring, with courtesy
For all manners of wars
Of the market, and in the face of
Disease, calamity, bankruptcy.

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