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Reality In Paranormal T.V Show

January 30, 2015

Reality In Paranormal Logo

It’s official! Reality In Paranormal T.V. Show will be launched, and on the air through, Time Warner Cable Public Access Channel. February 5, 2015, @ 10 P.M. Stay tuned, and I will be post the channel here for, Nebraska viewers. And, at the same time the show is launched, there will be an uploaded version of it here, for those that cannot view it, outside of Nebraska “or” those that don’t have Time Warner Cable!

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Cheryl Ann


You Gave Love a Good Name

January 30, 2015


There’s no other fire like this

it caught flame, and what an ironic twist!

I had gave up on the rescue, and the thought I was worth the change

Then, real love walked through the door, and life was rearrange.

Once and for all, the choice I had made

to end the fantasy, and the charade

I wasn’t valued enough, so he branded me with his mark

Trust me….I was ready alright, ┬áright from the start!

I know, who I am. And I know when I love, deep

You can have my love back, its yours to keep.

All I want now is a passion that’s true

Obviously, something you couldn’t do!

Oh!… but in this love …I have a lot to gain

He’s erase the hurt, and the horrible stain

So, on this year’s Valentines Day, I will gladly give my heart away

To real man who wants to stay!

I never wanted to take your freedom, I just wanted to take your time

And just pay attention to me…but no worries now…just be on with your life

He’s the one that will make me his wife…

Moral to the story:

Men that need a damsel in distress…

life is always a mess.

Men that respect strong women, and value their worth

never need to worry, about doing all the work.

There’s always two sides to a love story

And someday, I will have that glory….

AND, I think that day is finally here!


California Love

January 24, 2015


What a creation….

Four years ago my heart fell in love to a man I once prayed, was from above

I was all in, and there was no poker face

Only to realize my love I gave, was taken in vain

Until the rain…

The storm was bigger, than what I thought I could handle

Until, God saw what had been going on, and provided, Randall.

God, swept in like I’d never seen before, and opened up a new door.

There wasn’t a doubt in my mind, God said, “Enough girl.”

You worked hard to prove your love for man that just didn’t believe

You no longer have to grieve…

Then, the sun walked in on a warm summer night, and I had instantly gave up the fight…

This genuine soul took my hand, and took me into a promise land

Sure, I put up a struggle alright…fought like a true warrior, indeed.

My heart wasn’t done with the bleed…

It took a long time for this man to convince me, that I was worth loving, just as I am…

I wasn’t going to be used, and abuse anymore

So, I let him in…

And I hurt no more.

This man has taught me, that its really okay to be me…

And, now my heart is finally free.

To be appreciated for all my gifts like this…

This last year has been all, about bliss..

What I thought was real love, and what I had fought for, for SO long

God, took time and made me strong

Now I know, without a doubt…

This IS where I really belong.

True love never uses the heart to get something from someone,

As I have learned, by this wonderful man…

NO matter what he really understands.

Just what, God made me for…

A real love I will always adore.