Memories Of What Could Of Been

February 1, 2015

I sit here tonight, and I know what her thoughts are

She wonders if she’ll ever measure up to what was ours.

To walk into a world of acceptance for all she’s had to do, just like I had to do…

just to get close to you

And, as I wonder, and my heart will always remember..

how I thought these moments, too would be forever

I will always reminisce of our first kiss

our first time, and our times again, and again..

I gave into you, because I felt you’d always be my best friend.

But little do you know, we lost so much more then our innocence…

Our child….

Pain and sorrow I carried for years, and still do

A life we’d of loved, and a bond you never knew..

But… I did.

A tragedy I wanted to share so many times,

a secret I have left behind

But… that wasn’t why I came back to find you, after thirty- seven years

Or how I fought to find you, through all my tears

I knew, then you were my soul-mate many years ago

And, I held out hope, but …

I have realized now, I have lost you both…

-Dedicated to my first love, and my/ our child up above-

In, Christ you’ll both be, because you’ve both have been set free…


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