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Some Where Out There

August 31, 2015


I will always love you


Where I Found My Path To Heaven

August 29, 2015


I was driving down the dusty rusty colored road

Swerved and almost hit a toad

The country music was blaring so loud and while holding up my hands to clouds

I prayed out loud

LORD give me a place where my thoughts could run free

And then..

It hit me…

Hit the breaks and saw this place

Gods country..

So I got out of the car and said, Lord I can write my poetry here under the stars

Write about all the pain and scars

I know you’ll meet me here

Just let this be the place where I won’t shed anymore tears and shift gears

I walked the long country road and sat down and said, sorry toad

This is my road

Grabbed my son and said right here where we’ll lay down our roots

And, I threw off my boots…

Grabbed his little hand and took him onto the country land

Take off your boots my child

Lets walk awhile…

This is GOD’s country lets feel it under our feet

No more city streets…

Now you’ve grown up where the rusty dirt road put the love of frogs and toads

And, all the beauty of real country in your heart

You roam the scene everyday of the country life you so crave

I know one day you’ll  be driving down a country road, swerve and probability almost hit a toad

And you’ll get off the black top road

Then you’ll realize you’re home..

You’ll kick off your boots and walk the the ground, say the prayer’s I will know well

You’ll throw up your hands and look to the women that understands..

And say…MA what the hell!

I wink at you and smile like I do

Look down and say..

There’s the toad, this one must be your road…



Your Curious Mind Still

August 29, 2015

Do you remember?

I came  by that day to share some pictures

And, you were there.

My heart sunk, because I still cared

When I walked in to the house I was afraid you’d figure it out

My heart screamed louder than it ever had before

But I still kept glancing at the door

I felt so close to you and my heart tore at thought of loving you once more

I talked over you with hope you’d say something silly like you use to do

And, my heart roared with thoughts of he’d know it too

I saw you’re eyes off and on

They’ll still carried our song

Like mine did

I was never so nervous in all my life and remembering how close I was to being your wife

A dream I haven’t ever let go of…

I made it clear that I had to leave and get out of there

I got in my car and cried like I didn’t care

But that wasn’t true I still love you

And, then I saw you standing near your car as if you wanted me to notice you

I looked up and there you stood and made conversation like I knew you would do

Your car had been rear-ended and you wanted to share that with me

Your voice, how you had no clue what it was doing instantly to my heart.

I listened deeper than I had ever

Praying you’d hold me and this time it would be forever.

Sitting there while I watched your mouth move

I reflected back when you’d inquired about my life

And, who I was with every-night..

Maybe its because I picked out your car, maybe it was because you’d realized just how far

You’d let me go

Oh, wait! Maybe it was because of your guilt, you’re thoughts of what you’d done to me

And, then you said…

Just forgive yourself…

Stunned I was and what rolled off my lips then

i wanted to scream WHY me???

Why would you tell me you loved me, brought me into your family that loves and adores me

And, your own brother agreed! That you were the ONE that he could see

Being with you, taking care of you and finally we’d be free …

And, as I drove away that day…

My heart was begging to go back and say…

Please lets go back in time for a little bit…

Do you remember when you came to see me after years of wondering about me?

The pictures that fell out on the floor …reminding you this would come around once more?

And, after waiting for so many years and all the tears I shed for you

I will never stop loving you,

And, I told you that too..

So, as time ticks away and all the things we didn’t say or wanted to say

Still remain in my heart every day

I will always have the door open for you

All you need to do is knock

And look at the clock….

I am still here in your heart

And, it started so many years ago

All you gotta do is call …yah know?


Just Take It Down

August 28, 2015

It’s okay boy

Its been a while now sense we’ve walked and talked

Just wipe the dust off

Sit back in that easy chair

And run your fingers through your hair

Like I use to do

Hold on tight to the picture of you and I

And if you have to sit and cry

I will be by your side

Although you won’t see me there

You’ll know by the scent in the air

It will rush all around you then

Don’t stop living this isn’t your end

I need you to go on regardless of how you feel about me

I am on my way caring our  love with me

Just let it all be boy

Try to find the joy …

Look back at all we had done

Remember all the fun

Smile boy, it was you that I enjoyed

Though my time with you wasn’t long

I will hold you up, and keep you strong

Meet me in the room we once new

And I will come and talk to you

Its been a while boy sense we’ve walked and talked

Time now isn’t on anyone’s clock….

Just wipe the dust off…


Lift Me Up

August 28, 2015

Can you imagination how many spirits that follow me
Begging for mercy, and asking me to set them free?
But, I turn my heart away just to get more out everyday
I am guilty of holding them back, and that’s a fact
Now let me just say, what right do we have anyway
And, once they’re done with their story
Send them HOME into the GLORY of our Christ..
Now that makes investigating right
I can’t imagine when I die,
How many people will cry and wonder why
And, when I bless you with my story
Let me go HOME, and let that be the end of your earthly glory
Let me be with my family and friends that need me up there
After all it took me a long time to climbs those stairs
I had to fix those along the way
Now let me just fly away..
Teach those who seek the after-life
That its okay and it will be alright
Just say a little prayer and help me get there
And, film it for GOD stakes, and do whatever it takes
And, when you prove what we all seek and do
Then, we will all get it finally
Make it true
For me and you…
In Christ I am, forever and today
Thank you, for your time in understanding me
Just set me free!


Seven Sisters Road

August 28, 2015

Seven Sisters Road

I hear them crying on a country road
A place where you now dare to roam
Listen to me as I tell you their need
Their souls need to be freed
They’re just hanging around, until someone gets them down
Over the hill and through the woods
We are going to hang out in the back-woods
And I will go to hell and back
Just to get their souls back TRACK
So, come a long with me and lets set them free
Out of a land of misery…
Down on that country road…
Where no one want to roam
Except some that want them home…


The Words That Are Dew

August 28, 2015


My eyes barely open and the fog comforts me in this hour

And still my heart hangs on in the balance forever, still

In the light mist of the morning shower

My body floating in-between life and death in the dew

I hang on for the last words from you

I am out there somewhere in a dimension or illusion

As death waits its intrusion

Time moving so slowly and the agony of despair

It all around me, everywhere

The balance between here nor there

Is knocking on the door taunting me without care

The moisture of my eyes roll down and make groves in my skin

Waiting for a new life to begin

I can see it off in the haze of a new land I will walk one day

In the moment when the pain finally goes away

In those final minutes where everything  becomes crystal clear

I will be waiting for you my, dear

In a new horizon and no more tears…

It will all be finished then

I won’t have any regrets of letting go in the end

And my eye’s will be wide open in the moments of glory

When I stand before him and tell him my life story…

I will give him all the accounts of how I changed many hearts

In a world he gave me right from the start

I will thank him for all the beautiful people he put in my path

And, how I walked and talked you, and gave them hope of a love that would last

And, how you were there in their sorrow and gave them love to carry them, into their tomorrows

My time is growing closer now and still hanging on

Just waiting to hear the words, and I will leave you with a song

The one that will play in your heart and keep you strong

To be graced by the loving words, and the comfort of my best friend….

It is finished….

The End.