My Heart Still Bleeds Pain

August 15, 2015

The misunderstandings

And the whirlwind that I am in

My heart bleeds more pain

I just can’t get rid of the stain

I don’t want to live half, the time

Your love is always on my mind

I know my soul, so very deep inside

My love for you I will never hide

I wasn’t lucky enough to share our love everywhere

I had to hide …

And, yet still today the pain of loosing you… still remains

Every damn day I see what I missed

AND, I suffer throughout your bliss

I need you more today, than I ever have

Yet.. your new love isn’t much different, than I

You’ll always be my, Romeo

You had me at first touch

I thought you’d come for me

I believe in you, THAT much!

Although your world seems so colorful now…

Lord, KNOWS your heart and how much you’ll allow

Just like I was for you

Its only a matter of time, she’ll see it too

What we made, and the love we made

Could never go so deep, as our’s did

Still in my heart, and your’s too

There will be a shift in your plate

When you hear of my demise

And the tears from your eyes…

You will speak words, about it on the day I die

I will be standing next to you, though you’ll never SEE the tears I cried

The words that come off your lips on that final hour

It will be words spoken with  great power…

You will tell many, with the words you write

How you loved me, and in your heart you’ll be holding the memories, so tight

Words of how you wished, and how you could of made all things new

It was, GODS command for you

Your regrets will consume you, but you didn’t believe in me


God gave you another women,

Just like me!

Ironic don’t you, think?

To: My first and only real love-You know who you are….


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