Its ALL Country

August 20, 2015


Hanka Joy

Yep she’s walking it just like I did in a corn field, just like I once did…still

This is for her and who I use to be, still I am

Walking down the black top road

Only I know where this will go

Country isn’t very far

with my boots and my guitar

The hat, and that dog about to go country wild

We are taking a trip down country road mile

No markers here and the road traveled by me

Brings my memories right back to me

The tight short shorts, and the boots warn down

Hell I have traveled in those boots for many a mile

Swinging my guitar over my shoulder and feeling that song comin on

Finding a place and writing those country songs

My good ole hat has many positions

I am just country through and through… its my disposition

So I will walk this road until I find my country road

Where the corn grows and we’ll party hearty

In the backwoods where the sticks grow

It’s just a country gurl thing

Don’t cha know?

Cheryl Ann

August 20, 2015

For: Hnka Joy


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