August 21, 2015

DSCN8800 DSCN8808 DSCN8900

When two worlds collide

You can’t imagine whats going on inside

The very second my eyes met yours

That moment opened so many doors

The magnitude of this collision

There was NO division

It all added up…

There were plenty of symbols

They weren’t hiding like a thimble in a hay stack

It all mathematical and it’s just a simple fact

This has been so ironic and such a driven force

We’re on a road… a crazy coarse

It’s mind blowing and blowing minds

The truth will come out

Its just a matter of time

As we hold on tight and turn the pages

Hands waging the words throughout many stages

And then it all comes out….

What a release it will be

The battle of breaking of breaking the shackles and the strength to be free…

It will forever more keep you on your knees

In the moments of struggle you won’t be dying

In fact you’ll be growing new wings and flying

Push through this evil mess

Give it HELL and give it your BEST

You’re now done with the TEST

Graduation Day

Is on its way

So come what may…

You’ve earned your wings

And nothing binds you anymore

Its okay now…

Just close the door.

Cheryl Ann

Dedicated to: Lee Tasey


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