The Story That Delivers

August 21, 2015

is (1)

I heard your heart beats

I felt your flutter

I was so young

You belonged to another

I know you look down upon us every day

We wouldn’t have been great parents

That’s why God took you away


I often wonder sometimes had you been born

Would he of remained would we’d  been scorned?

You would of been the first of a family none the worst…

I ache inside every day to hide the truth and never be able to say

We wouldn’t have mattered anyway…

As you can see today…

I know in my heart your hair would of been red and curly

But you came way to early..

And all these years of pain and tears

Nothing was what it appeared…

I would of raised you and made your father proud

But today all I carry is your shroud ….

Cheryl Ann

Things he’ll never know

He just wouldn’t understand…


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