Musical Room

August 27, 2015

Memories  walled all around your room today

And I picked up your guitar and tried to play

As I sat holding your guitar I heard your voice from afar

Said, gurl you’re going to be a star!

So, I held on tight to that pen and began to write

I felt your direction and it wasn’t perfection until..

You spoke through me and showed me what to do

I struck a few cords and I said, UGH no more

This isn’t going to work and got up walked out and slammed the door

Then, I heard your voice off in the distance whispering…. gurrl go back and try again,

Please Dad work through me be my best friend

So, I picked up your guitar again and said, DAD here we go… this isn’t end!

So I rocked that song and for some reason I knew along

I would play your song

And I played this magical tune for my Dad, and I

While I cried..

Why not? He’s known what I’ve had…

stored away in a room with him yesteryear, with my Dad.

Dedicated to: Jack L Elliott

Rambling Jack L. Elliott

RIP – I know you can see

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree



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