Word Games

August 27, 2015


Although I am unique as they come

I came into this world with my own corundum

As funny as that may sound

I stand my ground

Dancing around your mind while making life a riddle

I will never allow you to play a small fiddle

Your words spoken or written are music to my ears

Its crystal clear to me

what you don’t see

I have an agenda and plan one would say

It’s to give you a new life and come what may

If you’re puzzled by me and what I am saying right here

Stick around it gets better, dear…

Life is like a dance with words playing all over the place

Grab a word here and there speak it loud so it sticks somewhere

No matter if it passed through your ears a time or two

This time you’ll listen because you know its true

What I say will wrap around your mind …

Now let me make this abundantly clear

What I have to say will be absorbed in your mind for years

Dance no matter how the storms move in and out

I believe in you, and I haven’t any doubt

Trust in what I say right now

Take time and speak your mind and write it down

And turn this world upside down

I can play with words and I take this chance

I state my case and this is my stance!


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