Just Take It Down

August 28, 2015

It’s okay boy

Its been a while now sense we’ve walked and talked

Just wipe the dust off

Sit back in that easy chair

And run your fingers through your hair

Like I use to do

Hold on tight to the picture of you and I

And if you have to sit and cry

I will be by your side

Although you won’t see me there

You’ll know by the scent in the air

It will rush all around you then

Don’t stop living this isn’t your end

I need you to go on regardless of how you feel about me

I am on my way caring our  love with me

Just let it all be boy

Try to find the joy …

Look back at all we had done

Remember all the fun

Smile boy, it was you that I enjoyed

Though my time with you wasn’t long

I will hold you up, and keep you strong

Meet me in the room we once new

And I will come and talk to you

Its been a while boy sense we’ve walked and talked

Time now isn’t on anyone’s clock….

Just wipe the dust off…


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