Lift Me Up

August 28, 2015

Can you imagination how many spirits that follow me
Begging for mercy, and asking me to set them free?
But, I turn my heart away just to get more out everyday
I am guilty of holding them back, and that’s a fact
Now let me just say, what right do we have anyway
And, once they’re done with their story
Send them HOME into the GLORY of our Christ..
Now that makes investigating right
I can’t imagine when I die,
How many people will cry and wonder why
And, when I bless you with my story
Let me go HOME, and let that be the end of your earthly glory
Let me be with my family and friends that need me up there
After all it took me a long time to climbs those stairs
I had to fix those along the way
Now let me just fly away..
Teach those who seek the after-life
That its okay and it will be alright
Just say a little prayer and help me get there
And, film it for GOD stakes, and do whatever it takes
And, when you prove what we all seek and do
Then, we will all get it finally
Make it true
For me and you…
In Christ I am, forever and today
Thank you, for your time in understanding me
Just set me free!


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