The Words That Are Dew

August 28, 2015


My eyes barely open and the fog comforts me in this hour

And still my heart hangs on in the balance forever, still

In the light mist of the morning shower

My body floating in-between life and death in the dew

I hang on for the last words from you

I am out there somewhere in a dimension or illusion

As death waits its intrusion

Time moving so slowly and the agony of despair

It all around me, everywhere

The balance between here nor there

Is knocking on the door taunting me without care

The moisture of my eyes roll down and make groves in my skin

Waiting for a new life to begin

I can see it off in the haze of a new land I will walk one day

In the moment when the pain finally goes away

In those final minutes where everything  becomes crystal clear

I will be waiting for you my, dear

In a new horizon and no more tears…

It will all be finished then

I won’t have any regrets of letting go in the end

And my eye’s will be wide open in the moments of glory

When I stand before him and tell him my life story…

I will give him all the accounts of how I changed many hearts

In a world he gave me right from the start

I will thank him for all the beautiful people he put in my path

And, how I walked and talked you, and gave them hope of a love that would last

And, how you were there in their sorrow and gave them love to carry them, into their tomorrows

My time is growing closer now and still hanging on

Just waiting to hear the words, and I will leave you with a song

The one that will play in your heart and keep you strong

To be graced by the loving words, and the comfort of my best friend….

It is finished….

The End.


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  1. Super 🙂

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