Where I Found My Path To Heaven

August 29, 2015


I was driving down the dusty rusty colored road

Swerved and almost hit a toad

The country music was blaring so loud and while holding up my hands to clouds

I prayed out loud

LORD give me a place where my thoughts could run free

And then..

It hit me…

Hit the breaks and saw this place

Gods country..

So I got out of the car and said, Lord I can write my poetry here under the stars

Write about all the pain and scars

I know you’ll meet me here

Just let this be the place where I won’t shed anymore tears and shift gears

I walked the long country road and sat down and said, sorry toad

This is my road

Grabbed my son and said right here where we’ll lay down our roots

And, I threw off my boots…

Grabbed his little hand and took him onto the country land

Take off your boots my child

Lets walk awhile…

This is GOD’s country lets feel it under our feet

No more city streets…

Now you’ve grown up where the rusty dirt road put the love of frogs and toads

And, all the beauty of real country in your heart

You roam the scene everyday of the country life you so crave

I know one day you’ll  be driving down a country road, swerve and probability almost hit a toad

And you’ll get off the black top road

Then you’ll realize you’re home..

You’ll kick off your boots and walk the the ground, say the prayer’s I will know well

You’ll throw up your hands and look to the women that understands..

And say…MA what the hell!

I wink at you and smile like I do

Look down and say..

There’s the toad, this one must be your road…



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