Your Curious Mind Still

August 29, 2015

Do you remember?

I came  by that day to share some pictures

And, you were there.

My heart sunk, because I still cared

When I walked in to the house I was afraid you’d figure it out

My heart screamed louder than it ever had before

But I still kept glancing at the door

I felt so close to you and my heart tore at thought of loving you once more

I talked over you with hope you’d say something silly like you use to do

And, my heart roared with thoughts of he’d know it too

I saw you’re eyes off and on

They’ll still carried our song

Like mine did

I was never so nervous in all my life and remembering how close I was to being your wife

A dream I haven’t ever let go of…

I made it clear that I had to leave and get out of there

I got in my car and cried like I didn’t care

But that wasn’t true I still love you

And, then I saw you standing near your car as if you wanted me to notice you

I looked up and there you stood and made conversation like I knew you would do

Your car had been rear-ended and you wanted to share that with me

Your voice, how you had no clue what it was doing instantly to my heart.

I listened deeper than I had ever

Praying you’d hold me and this time it would be forever.

Sitting there while I watched your mouth move

I reflected back when you’d inquired about my life

And, who I was with every-night..

Maybe its because I picked out your car, maybe it was because you’d realized just how far

You’d let me go

Oh, wait! Maybe it was because of your guilt, you’re thoughts of what you’d done to me

And, then you said…

Just forgive yourself…

Stunned I was and what rolled off my lips then

i wanted to scream WHY me???

Why would you tell me you loved me, brought me into your family that loves and adores me

And, your own brother agreed! That you were the ONE that he could see

Being with you, taking care of you and finally we’d be free …

And, as I drove away that day…

My heart was begging to go back and say…

Please lets go back in time for a little bit…

Do you remember when you came to see me after years of wondering about me?

The pictures that fell out on the floor …reminding you this would come around once more?

And, after waiting for so many years and all the tears I shed for you

I will never stop loving you,

And, I told you that too..

So, as time ticks away and all the things we didn’t say or wanted to say

Still remain in my heart every day

I will always have the door open for you

All you need to do is knock

And look at the clock….

I am still here in your heart

And, it started so many years ago

All you gotta do is call …yah know?


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