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September 30, 2015

I am cheating sleep
While your heart skips a beat
I feel your pain, stop the damn rain
You’ve know forever more
Keith 1

The rain would eventually pour
So, shut the damn door

You’ve evened the uneven score
Love doesn’t live there anymore
And, so I sing you a lullaby
I can’t give your heart an alibi

The fairy tail dropped you off on the curb
So, don’t be so disturbed
Life gets better around the curve…ball

So, stand up straight and give life your all
After, all ….we all lived that dream of the passion inside
Yet your heart was left outside…in the rain
Yet, what have you gained?

You’ve learned the hard way….one way
That roads never have U-turns
That don’t leave YOU burned
Smoldering anger will you on a cliff-hanger…holding on
To whats gone wrong

Searing scares go deep with the flames…burning still
But do you have the WILL to stand still and hear….peace?
Give your self an new lease….no vacancy
Fill the rooms up with complacency…furnished.

Extraordinary Connections with Cheryl Ann


Maid’n By Design

September 30, 2015


I stood here at the end waiting for you for years

Always looking for you, and always looking back

I am coming to the clearing

Its my love that’s steering



It’s always been you, there was never a love so true

I have walked this path several times

I have drawn my own lines

Imaginary? Yes, several times

I will cross over lines, and shear the vines that will stand the test the time



I was born to the earth and shall always remain

Our love will sustain no matter narrow the road

I will go great distance for your existence

I would die for you

me now …forever you

Cheryl Ann



September 20, 2015


Love yourself with fire
Give your heart what it desires
Red, yellow or blue
Find the fire that burns inside of you
Blaze throughout its every beat
Do it NOW and create the heat
Ignite the night or day
Choose the color that lights your way
Burn down everything in your path
And, don’t look back at the aftermath
Burn it down in a blaze of glory
And, a long the way leave your story
Extraordinary Connections with Cheryl Ann
September 19, 2015


Autumn Prayers

September 9, 2015


I have visited here in times where I felt I had nothing more to give

I would walk so slow and I would hang my head low,  so you couldn’t see my tears flow

I would sneak up and hide a few times, behind the headlines of your great news

And, I would listen for subtle clues

I could hear snapping of the tree branches and leaves churning

In all the while…my heart was yearning to find faith

And, still I quietly listened to every little sound, while all your creatures stirred on the ground

I understood their language and their meaningful song, and I knew this is where I could be strong

So, I mustard up the strength in my weakest of times, bent down on my knees to hear from the Divine

And, in this magical moment everything changed

The pain and sorrow left my body drained

But …I held on tight to my moments of peace and solitude

A force came over me in magnitude undeniable, but reliable to my soul

I have always known you were always around me, just waiting to set me free

And, this is where I will remain throughout my days of despair

 Kneeling at the Cross, saying my Autumn Prayers.


Ranger Girl

September 4, 2015


You should know that I am going to get there

I am going to walk boldly as if I don’t care
My boots fit really tight and I will kick up the dust tonight
I will ride right back into town
Right at sundown.
I will round up all the the thoughts you’ve hidden well
And, they will all come running when I strike that bell
There will be dirt flying, so you better be ready
My gun isn’t locked and my hand is steady
You’ll know when I am around that gun is never put away
I carry it with me into the night of day.
As I cover myself in burlap while the moon is shinning down on this dreaded homestead
Someone is going to be standing and the other dead.
And, I will sing you a song or a death carol
When I pull the trigger and bullet travels down through the barrel
Once the O.K. Corral story is done I will saddle up and the fight was won
I will hang your hat for you on a post way outside of town
Where all the other ghosts hang out and you’ll be found
Roaming throughout the hills near the unmarked graves
Looking for someone who saves
You should know I am going to get there, too
But my stone will read
She’s buried under the blue moon.
And, I will ride the night of day
I will be back one day…
Riding on the saddle of many battles