Ranger Girl

September 4, 2015


You should know that I am going to get there

I am going to walk boldly as if I don’t care
My boots fit really tight and I will kick up the dust tonight
I will ride right back into town
Right at sundown.
I will round up all the the thoughts you’ve hidden well
And, they will all come running when I strike that bell
There will be dirt flying, so you better be ready
My gun isn’t locked and my hand is steady
You’ll know when I am around that gun is never put away
I carry it with me into the night of day.
As I cover myself in burlap while the moon is shinning down on this dreaded homestead
Someone is going to be standing and the other dead.
And, I will sing you a song or a death carol
When I pull the trigger and bullet travels down through the barrel
Once the O.K. Corral story is done I will saddle up and the fight was won
I will hang your hat for you on a post way outside of town
Where all the other ghosts hang out and you’ll be found
Roaming throughout the hills near the unmarked graves
Looking for someone who saves
You should know I am going to get there, too
But my stone will read
She’s buried under the blue moon.
And, I will ride the night of day
I will be back one day…
Riding on the saddle of many battles


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