Autumn Prayers

September 9, 2015


I have visited here in times where I felt I had nothing more to give

I would walk so slow and I would hang my head low,  so you couldn’t see my tears flow

I would sneak up and hide a few times, behind the headlines of your great news

And, I would listen for subtle clues

I could hear snapping of the tree branches and leaves churning

In all the while…my heart was yearning to find faith

And, still I quietly listened to every little sound, while all your creatures stirred on the ground

I understood their language and their meaningful song, and I knew this is where I could be strong

So, I mustard up the strength in my weakest of times, bent down on my knees to hear from the Divine

And, in this magical moment everything changed

The pain and sorrow left my body drained

But …I held on tight to my moments of peace and solitude

A force came over me in magnitude undeniable, but reliable to my soul

I have always known you were always around me, just waiting to set me free

And, this is where I will remain throughout my days of despair

 Kneeling at the Cross, saying my Autumn Prayers.


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