September 30, 2015

I am cheating sleep
While your heart skips a beat
I feel your pain, stop the damn rain
You’ve know forever more
Keith 1

The rain would eventually pour
So, shut the damn door

You’ve evened the uneven score
Love doesn’t live there anymore
And, so I sing you a lullaby
I can’t give your heart an alibi

The fairy tail dropped you off on the curb
So, don’t be so disturbed
Life gets better around the curve…ball

So, stand up straight and give life your all
After, all ….we all lived that dream of the passion inside
Yet your heart was left outside…in the rain
Yet, what have you gained?

You’ve learned the hard way….one way
That roads never have U-turns
That don’t leave YOU burned
Smoldering anger will you on a cliff-hanger…holding on
To whats gone wrong

Searing scares go deep with the flames…burning still
But do you have the WILL to stand still and hear….peace?
Give your self an new lease….no vacancy
Fill the rooms up with complacency…furnished.

Extraordinary Connections with Cheryl Ann


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