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The Heat

October 26, 2015

Fire Angel

Your passion

Radiates and ignites my core

As I breath you, you light up my soul

And, we’ll burn in our sizzling love

Fire up The Heat and I will descend from above

Wrap you up in this hot passionate love

We’ll throw sparks and bathe in embers burning so slow

And, we’ll go where lovers only know

I tempt you on this fantasy ride

Every-time I am right by your side

The heat in this passion we’ll create

We’ll burn together in this fire we initiate

Come fly with me into the flames

My seduction bares no name


I’am Coming Home

October 22, 2015

It’s in the air we take in


Where life begins
And, everything changes
Then, life re-arranges
We reach our first connection
Its a reflection of the resurrection

Re-born again into light
And, my wings take flight
I soar like never before
With each open door

My flight may be grounded
And, sometimes I am dumbfounded
The confusion in the landing
And, left not understanding

Then, we see a clearing
Raise my wings and keep steering
Heading for the skies again
This journey never ends

Soaring throughout the blue sky
In and out of clouds up, so high
Learning how to trust my wings
As, I hear the angels sing

And, I am home again
And, I will be back one day my friend.

Extraordinary Connections with Cheryl Ann


The Emerging Battle

October 20, 2015


Your uncontrollable thoughts spoken wound deeper then you know

 The expressions coming from your darken soul

You try to hide what you’ve become deep inside

But the words flew out of your mouth for the last time

The multitude of collateral damage of the mountains you’ve climbed

Were nothing but an illusion in your own mind

What a messed up journey you’ve been on

When you use people as a pawn

Someone will take you down a notch or two

Leaving you standing, and wondering what to do

And, in that moment your darken soul will emerge

Beckoning secrets you soon will purge

You have no choice now to save your soul

And…go to a place we all go, with heart in tow

Which side will you choose when you release the inhibitions

Go were your heart is, give it permission

Own up to the One that was watching your destruction’s

Have you lost your instructions?

They were written in stone while your soul was being made

Is it time to turn a new page?

You were brought to a cross road to learn a lesson

Where shots were on fire by your own pre-designed ammunition

Unload the chamber that holds old bullets in waiting

From the hurt and pain you’ve been evading

And, switch up to a new line of defense

And, do it with moral sense

Pick up and new tool and rid of old pretense

Learn to mend and repair the fence

And, while your hands are bleeding and feeling the pain

Embrace it deeply and remove the stain.

You’ve got a lot of learning to do along the way

While you’re removing your decay.

And, just throw it away with all the old trash of yesterday

Stand tall with a clean slate and formulate a plan

That something  we were all taught by a man who took a stand

When you learn to re-load again

Shoot from the heart and loose the pin

And, you’ll never  cause pain ever again.


Universal Love

October 20, 2015


I believe in romance
The kind that makes your heart dance
I believe in making your own song
And, let romance dance you all night long

I believe in love’s light
The kind that shines in the day or night
I see the stars and the clouds with sunshine
They remind me of your love and our life, all the time.

The mix in our recipe has been handed down for years
I taught us value throughout the blood, sweat, and tears.
To manage this good thing has been a climb
We made it through all the storms every-time

But it is your love that encompasses my soul
It surrounds me where our heart goes
Its all in that dance we embrace within
In a love story we’ve made
Written in stone by our next of kin

Generation after generation we hand this love down
With hope we’ve shared a love that’s passed around
And, with every breath we take we live life on a wing and a prayer
As, we climb the latter to the man upstairs.

There we will find love everlasting, and hurt no more
As, we enter the house and open the door
The stars will shine brighter than ever
As, we live life forever, together…

And, the dance we choose to teach
And, the heart strings we strive to reach
Will be in the biggest journey of our life
When we look down and know we did alright.

Extraordinary Connections with Cheryl Ann
October 19, 2015


Its A Cowboy’s Journey

October 9, 2015

11902529_10153683756254396_1481991803705515176_n 1529833_10152171186819396_933342435_o

The young Cowboy rides right into a mans dirt road

Kicks up his boots and re-loads

He shoots a gun for the battles he’s going to win

You’ll find him burning up the back-roads in front of the dusty wind

From start to finish the red dirt under his feet

Its a journey long waited, with no defeat

And, he’ll ride throughout the days, and the nights

Hangs his hat in only in the moonlight

Its a passion in the heart that drives this man

On a horse into a no mans land

And, when he  chew’s his tobacco and slams a cold beer

You’ll find him thinking of yesteryear…isn’t that what Cowboys do at the end of the day?

When they hang their hat and  bow their head to pray?

He will dream way into the land where hes  free to roam

A place that reminds him of home

He’ll walk the fields and look up at the stars

And, pray’s he’ll never leaves any scars

The Cowboy never leaves your side

He’ll carry many stories as he rides into the sunset

Even stories he’s not heard yet

He’ll be s a legend, and leave foot prints on your heart

 His parents knew from the start…

He will round up your problems and wrestle them down

And, figure them  out for you,  when you’re not around

Saddle up his horse with his hat pulled low

With a cracked smile that barely shows

He will help you in an instant and, then slowly ride out of town

Right at sundown…

Look closely at the souls of his boots, and see where they’ve been

Its a Cowboys Journey

right to the end.


Light Years Away

October 5, 2015


I am the ghost of your past, present, and future

I  stood and held you up even when you thought I wasn’t there

It was a journey intended and designed by, Christ… but someone just didn’t care

But, I did.

The thunder roared and the rain poured down onto my wings and tears have soaked my soul

And, the pain of loosing you off my skin, stings and burns …only I know

this loss

I don’t have the strength anymore to stand here against the seasons

And, the erosion has ripped away my foundation and have left lesions

in my heart.

There isn’t a promise of today, and yet the death of my soul can never be buried

And, the light of the torch has burnt out and I see you know more

As, I drag myself through the door

I stand in the way of your core

I stepped aside, and now you can glide right by

I will see you in the pasting

In the light of the ever-lasting love

There you will see all

Of the rising and the fall

From the GREATEST man of all…


Cheryl Ann …


When Jealously Rears Its Ugly Head

October 4, 2015

Utter pain ran through the beautiful memories of us

Now brought to disgust

And, I though my words were SO bad

 But now…

I am GLAD to have seen them.

It brought ME to your UGLY Veil

The one you THOUGH I wore from HELL

So, now I guess I was the bad one

After what I wrote, said, and done

But that is just fine now with me

Because GOD rose the Veil on you for ME to see

NOW I see…..clearly.

ALL the GOODNESS I brought in for you

Has now lead me to feel

The words you wrote clearly revealed ….

The depths you will go when everyone else knew your game

My honor, respect, and love for you now

Has bled out all over town

Every word you write is nothing but a fancy created in YOUR mind

That you’re NOT able to live or apply it every-time

So, go on about your little games, because her this girl doesn’t ware any shame

The love and the life I lead with you

I was the ONE that was true

So, now I see clearly of the fantasies you create in your world of the internet

And, the relationships you build, and the NON- commitment intent

You go after women that are weak and married,and, then make promises you can’t follow

And, like idiots we take it all in and sallow and hang onto your words

Only to find out…our visions of real love is blurred

By: Empty promises, lack of communication, being used for your purpose, with NO future.

Oh, but them damsels in distress IS NOTHING but a quest

And, then…you take the BEST and the Hell with the rest.

if this is some game or score you’re trying to fix

Someday …you’re going to run into the ONE that will be the best at this game…

AND, you will be the ONE to ware that stain.

YES I am angry, because I thought you were better, than most

However, now I see who was nothing but a hoax…

What a fool I am, to believe everyday in a man

Who held my heart and soul in his hand….